Here come the girls! (and the boy)

The latest Ipswich Pig Club pigs.

More Acorn Antics at the Oak Tree Farm as our newest pigs make themselves at home. They have a very big area to dig over and they are making fine progress. The boar (nicknamed Goldenballs) is bullied by the gilts but seems to be coping!


Visiting our new pigs at The Willows, Laxfield

These are a cross between a ‘Welsh’ and an ‘Oxford Sandy And Black’.  Shame I didn’t video the spectacle of them all trying to fit out through the door of their house at once!

Our first two pigs become bacon

With (a lot of) help from Colin at Mickleson’s Butchers on Woodbridge Road, who got up at 6am on a Sunday morning to butcher our pigs for us, the final stage of the first Acorn Antics cycle is complete!

Warning: contains scenes unsuitable for vegetarians!

The Large Blacks go for slaughter

The least enjoyable part of keeping pigs, but we  are confident that they have been happy and content every minute they have been on the farm.

We chose our slaughterhouse carefully and they will be dispatched humanely. After all this is one of the main reasons we are keeping pigs, and if we are going to eat meat it is important to come to terms with the fact of where it comes from. It is all to easy to go and buy packaged meat and not even consider that it was a living breathing animal!

This blog documents the whole cycle of Ipswich Pig Club so it would be wrong to gloss over this final stage.

Moving the pen…

The two Large Blacks have turned their original pen into a lovely fertile mudbath, devoid of weeds. Time to move them onto the old carrot bed to get that cultivated in time for some spring planting:

The pigs move house

(about 10 feet!)

We moved them partly to get them to root and turn over the ground in the corner where their house was and partly just to see how easy it was to move. We’ll be moving it a lot further in a week or so when the pigs are moved to cultivate the carrot bed. This will be the first time they’ll be outside their stock fencing. Fingers crossed!

The pigs arrive!

Ipswich Pig Club’s first two pigs, large blacks from the Suffolk Punch Centre near Hollesley, are enjoying their new home. But getting them there wasn’t exactly easy!