Monthly Archives: November 2011

Piggy preparation!

In the summer of 2011, seven Ipswich residents founded the Ipswich Pig Club. We are based at the Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm, hence the nickname ‘Acorn Antics’!

Some of us are disillusioned by industrial and commercial meat production and want food we can trust and enjoy, others want to learn new skills. Sustainability and resilience are our watchwords! Some of us just wanted to keep pigs!

It has been a long road of discussion, research, debating, experimenting and finally building the first home of our first pigs.

With much gratefully received financial and practical support from Suffolk ACRE, we finally settled on and have installed: three strand electric fencing, inside a (we hope temporary) stock fence, with a palatial pig house ingeniously constructed from old pallets and bales of straw. Luxury!

Watch this space for the finished article. The pigs move in on Sunday…