The pig tractor

This is the Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm’s pig tractor (owned and maintained by Acorn Antics!). The pigs turn over and fertilise an area in preparation for the spring sowing!


Eight new pigs arrive at The Oak Tree Farm

8 new weaners arrived this weekend. They proved a little difficult to transport but thanks to Mik’s expertise (and trailer!) the weaners are now enjoying their new home…


Blossom’s new piglets

These little piggies will be the next Oak Tree Farm residents. Beautiful Saddleback/Oxford Sandy crosses from Mik’s breeding sow – Blossom.

Oxford Sandy and Black weaners

Four new pigs arrive at the Oak Tree Farm…

Ipswich Pig Club’s new weaners comprise two pure bred Oxford Sandy and Blacks and two Oxford Sandy – Middle White crosses. All girls this time! They seem curious and happy in their new home. At the moment they are in a training pen so they can get used to the electric fence. In a few days they will be set free into the grassy jungle that is the rest of their enclosure. Let’s see how they get on with the task of converting it to fertile ploughed land!


Acorn Towers

The pig pen for the Oxford Sandy and Blacks is ready and waiting…

A highly desirable residence situated within the Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm, Suffolk

Ginger pigs on their way!

Well, the four Welsh Oxford Sandy crosses have been and gone.  Even better than the Large Blacks by all accounts. Some very fine pork!

The Oak Tree Farm feels empty without pigs, so we’re all looking forward to the arrival of another four porkers on the 16th June. Two will be Oxford Sandy and Blacks and two will be crosses. They’ll all have an absolute blast in their new pen – a highly desirable ‘meadow garden’ improved straw bale residence!

Watch this space for more…

The big move!

Our four porkers move to the old potato bed. They’re having a field day this week!

We learnt 2 valuable lessons that we probably kind of new already but definitely know for sure now…

1: Pigs respect electric fencing, even when it’s not there! 2: A pig is strong enough to bend a Heras fencing panel in two.

We were reminded that you have to persuade a pig, not force it!